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In a society where victims of rape are often blamed and shamed, what message are we sending
to the public and our victims when our laws draw hard lines between which sex crimes are deemed violent vs. non-violent?

In the most powerful, advanced country in the world, how is it that many parents, including myself, still have this lingering question in the back of our minds: “Will my child be safe at school today?”

I am excited to announce the introduction of my 2024 Legislative Bill package- this year‚ I am authoring 15 bills and co-authoring 33 bills. This legislation package addresses pressing issues that will significantly impact Senate District 4 and California as a whole. You can learn more about these bills here.

Dear President Reynolds,

I write in opposition to AT&T’s application to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to discontinue its Carrier of Last Resort (COLR) obligation to provide Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). The negative impacts of this proposed action would disproportionately impact thousands of customers in my district, representing a significant number of rural and disadvantaged communities that rely exclusively on land-line telecommunications service.

As a mother of children who are now adults, I recall being haunted by the possibility of having their safety compromised by a child predator, or a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP), no less.

Dear Director Baass and Director Johnson,

I am writing to request your urgent assistance in responding to questions and concerns from county leaders and constituents in my district regarding the proposed development of three commercial substance abuse treatment centers.

By: Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil

It’s no secret recent devastating wildfires in California have changed the face of many industries, most egregiously impacting the wine industry.

Across California, the cost of homeowners insurance is further fueling housing unaffordability. While many city households in California may still enjoy some of the lowest homeowners insurance rates in the nation, the astronomical insurance cost increases for residents, businesses and even public service agencies like our fire districts in fire risk areas can have a detrimental impact to the wellbeing of our state.