Championing Change and Celebrating Success

A Recap of Advocacy, Reform, and Recognition

What a week it has been! As Chair of the Senate Human Services Committee, I took a deeper dive into crucial matters concerning child welfare and the safety of our communities. Monday’s hearing was dedicated to addressing the urgent need for reform in California’s child welfare system. With over 400,000 children referred into foster care annually in the U.S., it’s evident that we must do better. We listened to insights from state agencies, child welfare organizations, and individuals with firsthand experience. Our mission is clear: to identify shortcomings and provide families with the necessary resources to stay together whenever possible. For children already in foster care, we are unwavering in our commitment to finding them permanent, loving homes.

One-size-fits-all approaches won’t suffice; we must prioritize the most vulnerable children and families in every decision and funding allocation. Watch the informational hearing here.

I’m proud to be co-authoring Senate Bill 1074 with Minority Leader Brian Jones to demand accountability and transparency from state agencies involved in the release and placement of Sexually Violent Predators. The unclear decision-making process surrounding these predators’ placement only fosters public distrust and exacerbates the challenges we face. It’s time to end the dangerous practice of allowing Sexually Violent Predators to roam freely in our communities.

Learn more about SB 1074 here.

The devastating impact of fentanyl on our communities cannot be overstated. This week, I learned of four suspected fentanyl-related deaths in South Lake Tahoe. We must work hard to pass stringent laws that leave no room for ambiguity or leniency regarding the severity of legal consequences. I championed SB 226 in 2023, but this year, I’m partnering with Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua to continue the battle against fentanyl. Read the full press release here.

This week, I also joined Indigenous leaders, tribal communities, and legislative colleagues to raise awareness about the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous people (MMIP) in California. The statistics are sobering, and the urgency for tangible change is undeniable. As a proud member of the Native American Caucus with Indigenous roots myself, this cause is deeply personal to me. We must ensure Indigenous voices are heard, seen, and protected. Together, we will work tirelessly towards that goal.

Receiving the Legislator of the Year Award from the California Special Districts Association was a tremendous honor. Serving the communities of nearly 300 special districts across Senate District 4 is a commitment I continue to pledge to support. Additionally, I presented Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 99, proclaiming February 16th as California Almond Day, to coincide with National Almond Day. Let’s celebrate the incredible contributions of our almond industry and the hardworking individuals who sustain it.

Read #TeamAlvarado-Gil’s Annual Report for a comprehensive look at our legislative journey in 2023. 


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The Stanislaus Latino Chamber has announced the opening of their scholarship applications! They will be awarding ten $500 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors and current college or trade school students. You can apply here: The deadline to apply is February 29th. Please note, successful applicants will be required to provide proof of income and GPA prior to receiving the funds. Questions can be directed to or (209) 789-512 


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